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Year 2004.

The warmth and comfort of wood fired pizzas and traditional pastas over chilled drinks with friends and families were an everyday affair at the first Peperoni at Greenwood. Charming, vivacious and full of life, Peperoni Greenwood brought together all food lovers, including many little and big artists who adorned its walls with their expressions of love and creativity. Peperoni Greenwood inspired its owners, the highly acclaimed Les Amis group, to spread the love and energy of Peperoni with opening of new outlets across the sunny island of Singapore.


Peperoni has since evolved into a much-loved destination with its ‘Appetite for Life’ philosophy. This philosophy makes Peperoni more than just a restaurant, it is a place that has a mission - to bring people together, to bind relationships, to savour life in all its delightful flavours.


Overflowing with love and inspiration, Peperoni opened its doors to Manila, Philippines, where high-spirited individuals and food lovers reside. With its ‘Appetite for Life’ philosophy, Peperoni is set to touch the hearts of Filipinos by offering wonderful comfort food and creating memorable dining moments.

Share moments of fun, energy and inspiration over hot pizzas and cool conversations!

At Peperoni, all we knead is love.


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